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SC Education & Economic Development Act
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Education and Economic Development Act: Executive Summary

EEDA Overview (ppt)
See the Presentations from Meetings and Workshops edited by Ann WhiteCITATION: Education and Economic Development Act (EEDA) Project 

Performance Standards

1:  Career Guidance

Good Start, Grow Smart (GSGS) (pdf) revised072109.pdf

South Carolina Comprehensive Developmental Guidance and Counseling Program Model (pdf)


Kids Work {ETV]

Exploring Careers

Career Aisle [ETV]  

Explore Career Videos [Career Aisle] - Elementary School 

Explore Career Videos [Career Aisle] - Middle School

Explore Career Videos [Career Aisle] - High School

2: Career Clusters and the IGP 

16 Career Clusters

Curriculum Framework [Lexington School District One] 
Note that this framework consists of four parts: Schools of Study, Clusters of Study, Majors and an Individual Graduation Plan (IGP)."

Conducting the IGP Conference [Career Aisle]  
CITATION: Presentation by Dr. Bob Couch, Director Office of Career and Technology Education, SC Department of Education at the SCPTA Conference, April 2007 (ppt)

3: Career Guidance Model 

South Carolina Comprehensive Developmental Guidance and Counseling Program Model (pdf)
Note: This is the entire document

Career Guidance Exercises Grades PreK-2: Lesson Plans and Exercises Education/CareerGuidanceExercisesforGradesK-2.html 
See the document "Name That Job" (pdf)

Career Guidance Exercises Grades 3-5: Lesson Plans and Exercises
See the document "Is That Your Final Answer?" (pdf)

Career Exploration Grades 6-8: Lesson Plans and Exercises

See the document "Working Together"

Career Preparation Grades 9-12: Lesson Plans and Exercises
See the document "Can-do Attitude"

4: Character Education

"Character Education and Community Collaboration"

Rubric: "Character Development Measure on State Report Cards" (pdf)

"Getting Along with Groark":

Sample Videos

Episode Descriptions

Teaching Guide: Bullying and Teasing

"Nurturing the Virtues"
CITATION: Character Education Index

5: Contextual Teaching 
From the Center for Occupational Research and Development (CORD):

"What is Contextual Learning?

Are You Teaching Contextually?

6: Cooperative Learning 

"Cooperative Learning" 
Note: This page includes three subtopics: Why Use Cooperative Learning, Elements of Cooperative Learning, and Class Activities that use Cooperative Learning    

"Jigsaw Classroom: Overview of the Technique"

7: Learning Styles 

"Strategies for Working with Diverse Learners: A Research Review" (pdf) 
CITATION: Focus on Effectiveness: Current Education Challenges - Differentiated Instruction 

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