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Reflections on Carolina Shout by Bill Ayers

Carolina Shout

Carolina Shout celebrates the important role of education in society today. This one-of-a-kind event, a fusion of cultural, musical, aesthetic, and academic experiences, is symbolized through the use of "a shout," the forming of communities that offer opportunities to testify and celebrate. Nationally-recognized educators and local and state community leaders come together to talk about teachers who exerted a profound influence upon their lives. The Shout includes music by Kenny Carr and The Tigers, a renowned trombone shout band, from Charlotte, who perform a form of instrumental music that bridges gospel and jazz.

"Now annually, many of you know, the South Carolina Department of Education along with the Governor holds the State Teacher of the Year banquet every year in honor of those masterful teachers across South Carolina. And it has been coined “the Academy Awards” for South Carolina’s teachers. But tonight at Carolina Shout we’re rolling out the red carpet at the Grammy’s for the teachers. And I’m deeply honored to be here because tonight we are shouting, we are exalting, and we are celebrating the magic that these magnifique teachers make each and every day in their classrooms." Traci Young Cooper  

Traci Young Cooper
and Madame Hall

Susan Aude
At Carolina Shout 01, WIS-TV newscaster Susan Aude was among the local personalities who offered testimonials in support of teachers. With USC trustee and former basketball star Alex English serving as master of ceremonies, other speakers included former Richland One Superintendent John R. Stevenson, USC Distinguished Writer-in-Residence Louise DeSalvo, Angela Ewing-Boyd, director of the Palmetto Project, and students from USC and Richland One and Richland Two school districts.  

John Stevenson
The second Shout (Carolina Shout 04) included tributes to teachers presented by renowned educational reformer Bill Ayers of the University of Illinois-Chicago, Richland One schoolboard chair Vince Ford, noted community leader I. S. Leevy Johnson, Doug Keel, host of SC Educational Radio's “Speaking of Schools,” USC professors Drs. Val Littlefield and Heidi Mills, and students from Richland One and Richland Two school districts. Bobby Donaldson of USC served as master of ceremonies as the speakers share their positive experiences of teachers who have made a difference in their lives.

I.S. Leevy Johnson with his teacher, Mrs. Catherine Davis Thomas

a student from the Center for Inquiry with his teacher,
Tim O'Keefe

Craig Melvin with his teachers,
Michael Fanning (left) and Doug Brandon (right)
Shout 06, the third Shout, included tributes to teachers by S.C. Education Oversight Committee Executive Director JoAnne Anderson, Bill Ayers from the University of Illinois-Chicago, The State newspaper columnist Claudia Smith Brinson, Alcorn Middle School Assistant Principal Tracy Young-Cooper, Rhett Jackson of The Happy Bookseller, Craig Melvin of WIS-TV, and students from Richland School District One. Jocelyn Sanders of Trustus Theatre served as master of ceremonies.
Between musical numbers, the speakers offer personal testimonies about teachers who have made a difference in their lives. “We are drawing upon a unique cultural form, a shout, and using that spirit to celebrate teachers,” said Craig Kridel, Curator of the Museum of Education and the event coordinator. “There are plenty of thoughtful criticisms of schools, but there should also be a moment for a community to come together and celebrate the role of teaching.”


“Carolina Shout cannot be compared to anything that I have ever seen before. The shout band was astonishing, the speeches were touching, and the audience was in itself quite fascinating. There were speeches that made me shed a tear and speeches that made me laugh. I never knew that one teacher could change a person’s life forever. I hope one day that I will be one of those teachers.” Vicki Watkins, USC undergraduate student, March 2004

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