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Craig Kridel
E. S. Gambrell Professor of Educational Studies
Curator of the Museum of Education

"One of the conditions of happiness is the opportunity of a calling, a career which somehow is congenial to one’s own temperament." John Dewey

at the Travelstead wall graphic,
Museum of Education, 2016

with Maxine Greene at the Museum of Education, 2001


"if I and other teachers truly want to provoke our students to break through the limits of the conventional and the taken for granted, we ourselves have to experience breaks with what has been established in our own lives; we have to keep arousing ourselves to begin again."      
Maxine Greene

I serve as the E. S. Gambrell Professor of Education in the Department of Educational Studies and Curator of the Museum of Education. In this role, I teach courses in foundations of education and biographical research. This homepage, as requested by my department, describes the different areas of my work–namely, my research, teaching, and various administrative projects. I have oriented these pages for my students at University of South Carolina and present this information as an alternative to such accounts during class sessions.


“The things in civilization we most prize are not of ourselves. They exist by grace of the doings and sufferings of the continuous human community in which we are a link. Ours is the responsibility of conserving, transmitting, rectifying, and expanding the heritage of values we have received that those who come after us may receive it more solid and secure, more widely accessible and more generously shared than we have received it” (John Dewey, A Common Faith, 1934, p. 87)


at Brookgreen Gardens with the
English bass horn muse, 2016.
the Dewey tombstone at the University of Vermont with the same inscription as the motto for the Museum of Education
(the final passage from
A Common Faith

with Helen van Dongen after an oral history interview while conducting film research for the Eight Year Study manuscript, July 2006.

My research interests include Progressive education as portrayed through biographical research and, quite specifically, as represented in the Eight Year Study and the Secondary School Study (Black High School Study). I am active in the American Educational Research Association and, as a former aesthetic educator, I continue to involve myself with various historical music organizations and research activities–notably, as coordinator of Berlioz Historical Brass (an ensemble devoted to the presentation of early 19th century brass instruments) and Harmoniemusik North America, organology (the research of early 19th century bass horns), and as a "special friend" of The Tigers (an African-American shout band from Charlotte). My primary work, however, revolves around the foundations of education as they impact upon the areas of teacher education, school change, and community development for civil and social justice.

These webpages are meant to be informative and to serve as an invitation for those who wish to explore the field of education (as well aesthetic topics). My motives consist of building communities for my students and colleagues, and each topic strives to offer additional educational experiences and directions for further research. 


Bill Ayers, Craig Kridel, Bob Bullough,
Museum of Education, 2007

"Thoughtfulness requires wide- awakeness– a willingness to look at the conditions of our lives, to consider alternatives and different possibilities, to challenge received wisdom and the taken for granted, and to link our conduct with our consciousness."
William Ayers

with Peter Schickele at the 2008 AERA Conference, New York City

with members of The Tigers, Carolina Shout, 2006

Craig Kridel
Department of Educational Studies
Wardlaw Hall; University of South Carolina
Columbia, SC 29208
office: 803.777-7257; fax: 803.777-7741

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