Science and Mathematics Robert Noyce Pre-service Teacher Scholarships

 University of South Carolina

Science and Mathematics Teacher Initiative

Objectives: Faculty from the Colleges of Arts and Sciences and Education will collaborate to increase the number of highly qualified science and mathematics teachers in South Carolina through a scholarship-based program (USC-SMTI) that enables academically qualified students to complete a bachelor's degree in mathematics, science, or engineering sciences and a one-year Master of Teaching (MT) certification program. 

General Information

General information about the MT and MAT Degrees

For more content-specific information:

             Science Majors Contact:

             Dr. Bert Ely, 


             Dr. Christine Lotter


            Mathematics Majors Contact:

             Dr.  Ognian Trifonov     


            Dr. Jan Yow            


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Please contact Mrs. Kathy Henson ( with any questions.

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