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Requirements For The Master's of Education In Language and Literacy

General Degree Requirements for the Master's of Education in Language & Literacy

A total of 33 graduate hours is the minimum required for the M.Ed. in Language and Literacy. At least 18 of the required 33 graduate hours must be taken in courses numbered "700" or above. Additionally, students pursuing the M.Ed. in Language and Literacy shall be required to successfully complete the Comprehensive Examination for the Master's degree in Language and Literacy (see attached description of the examination), and maintain at least a "B" average in all coursework taken. Twelve hours of grades below B will disqualify a student for the M.Ed. in Language & Literacy.

Specific Degree Requirements for the Master's of Education in Language & Literacy

Students pursuing the M.Ed. in Language & Literacy are required to successfully complete graduate coursework in three basic areas:

A. Core Requirements


  • EDRD 600 Foundations of Literacy Instruction

  • EDRD 715 Instructional Strategies for Reading

  • EDRD 716 Foundations of Reading Assessment

  • EDRD 718 Seminar in Classroom Reading Assessment

  • EDRD 719 Developing and Guiding the Reading Program

  • EDRD 720 Capstone Seminar in Language & Literacy

  • EDRD 730 Teaching Reading and Writing in the Content Areas


  • EDEL 771 Methods of Teaching Writing (or)

  • EDSE 787 Teaching of Composition in the Secondary School (or)

  • EDTE 760 Summer Writing Institute (6 hours, by application)


  • EDRM 700 Introduction to Research in Education (or)

  • EDRM723 Classroom Assessments Methods


EDRD 600, EDRD 715, EDRD 716, EDRD 718, EDRD719* and EDRD 720 must be taken
in sequence during the student’s program. (*EDRD 719 may be taken concurrently with EDRD 716 and before EDRD 718. EDRD 718 may be taken concurrently with EDRD 720. EDRD730 does not have to be taken in sequence.)

A maximum of 12 hours in graduate credit can be transferred and counted toward the M.Ed. in Language and Literacy as approved by the assigned academic advisor. However, no more than six hours of graduate credit from other institutions shall be transferred and counted toward the core courses in the M.Ed. degree in Language & Literacy. A maximum of six semester hours of professional development courses may be a part of the graduate degree program of study provided that the assigned academic advisor approves the inclusion of such courses. Students who wish to include such courses on their academic program are advised to furnish to their advisor course syllabi and other relevant documentation of the academic integrity of the aforementioned courses.

Description of Field Experiences.

Each candidate must enroll in two three-hour field experiences. In the first course, EDRD 716, candidates work one-on-one with an individual who is struggling as a reader. In  the second course, EDRD 718, candidates work with small reading groups. In both courses, candidates have the opportunity to observe peers and debrief their observations. Supervision from language and literacy faculty provides an ongoing professional dialogue about the relationship between assessment and instructional decision-making.

B. Cognate

Six hours of graduate credit must be earned in language and literacy. Possible courses include the following:

  • EDEC 744 Language Acquisition in the Learning Environment

  • EDEC 745 Emergent Literacy

  • EDRD 650 Teaching Reading Through a Literature Emphasis

  • EDRD 796 Teaching Reading and Writing to ESOL Learners

  • EDRD 797 Assessment for English Language Learners

  • EDSE 786 Teaching of Literature in the Secondary School

  • EDSE 787 Teaching of Composition in the Secondary School

  • EDSE 788 Teaching of the English Language in the Secondary School

  • EDSE 789 The English Teacher and Special Problems in Reading

  • EDTE 776 Educating African American Students


Description of Practicum Experience:

Because field experiences are essential to deepen and extend class engagements, all M.Ed. in Language and Literacy students are required to spend three hours per week per semester in schools during the time period designed for language and literacy learning.  For practicing teachers, this practicum can take place in their own classroom.  For full time M.Ed. students, faculty will help arrange such an experience.  One three-hour experience satisfies the requirement across all the M.Ed. Language and Literacy courses taken in a given semester.

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