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Master's Comprehensive Examination in Language & Literacy

Fulfillment of the requirements for the master's degree in Language & Literacy includes the successful completion of a comprehensive examination covering the area of study.  The Academic paper in EDRD 720 serves as the comprehensive exam. This requires the student to organize and synthesize the skills, competencies, and knowledge gained in his/her coursework in the Language & Literacy Program. Before a student is permitted to take the Master's Comprehensive Examination in Language and Literacy, he/she will complete the following steps in his/her program:


1. Full admission to the Language & Literacy Program.

2. Completion of a minimum of 21 hours of graduate credit.

3. Completion of a minimum of 9 hours of graduate credit in language and literacy courses, including EDRD 600: Foundations of Literacy Instruction, EDRD 715: Instructional Strategies for Reading and EDRD 716: Assessment Strategies for Reading and EDRD 719: Developing and Guiding the Reading Program.

4. Completion of EDRM 700:  Introduction to Research in Education or EDRM 723, Classroom Assessment.

5. Approval of the program of study.  Please note: The Program of Study must be filled out by the student, signed by the student's advisor, and subsequently approved by the College of Education Graduate Director and the Dean of the Graduate School during the first year of full admission to the program.  Forms are available in the Office of Student Affairs (Wardlaw 113) or online at

Any student who fails the Master's Comprehensive Examination in Language & Literacy shall be allowed to retake the examination at a later date.  Any student who fails the examination a second time shall not be allowed to further pursue the Master's degree in Language & Literacy.  The student is strongly advised to meet with his/her assigned advisor regarding any questions he/she may have about the Master's Comprehensive Examination in Language & Literacy.

Six Year Limitation: All courses applicable to this degree must be completed within a period of six Years.


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