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Information for specific audiences:

Funding and Collaborative Opportunities

College of Education Internal Grant Programs

Incentive Research Grants Program

Program A - Publication
Program B - External Grant

Technology Grants Program

USC Internal Funding Programs

Office of the Provost: Humanities, Social Sciences, Distributed Learning Course Development, Visiting Scholars, and Creative and Performing Arts

Office of the Vice President for Research: ASPIRE

Current External Funding Opportunities

Institute of Education Sciences (FY 2015 programs - deadline has passed)

Education Research Programs (84.305A)

Education Research and Development Centers (84.305C)

Statistical and Research Methodology in Education (84.305D)

Partnerships and Collaborations Focused on Problems of Practice and Policy (84.305H)

Special Education Research Programs (84.324A)

Research Training Program in Special Education: Early Career Development and Mentoring (84.324B)

IES Unsolicited Grant Opportunities

Funding Search Engines

Important to Remember: If you see a Foundation or Corporation (this doesn't apply to government funding) that has a mission consistent with your program ideas, all individuals, departments, or Colleges must get "permission" to solicit the funding source from SAM to avoid potential conflicts with other ongoing or current USC submissions to that same Foundation. In the event you find a Foundation match, please provide a brief abstract to the Director of Grants and Contracts, who will contact SAM on your behalf.

  1. USDE - (Check Deadline Dates; some have passed)

  2. South Carolina Commission on Higher Education (CHE)

  3. COS Pivot

  4. National Science Foundation (NSF)

  5. - Funding Resource (external site)

  6. Dept. of Energy

  7. National Institutes of Health (NIH)

  8. Funds Net Services - see Education Grants

  9. The Foundation Center

  10. USC Office of Proposal Development (USC Site)

  11. National Endowment for the Humanities - Education

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