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Policies and Procedures for Advanced Programs

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Revised May 2003

The College is involved in periodic review of programs and graduation requirements that may be subject to change without prior notice.


Table of Contents

I. Purpose

II. Changes

III. Definitions

IV. Forms and Publications

V. Admissions

VI.  Advisement

            A. General

            B. Advisors for Certificate Programs

            C. Advisors for Master's Degrees

            D. Advisors for Educational Specialist Degrees

            E. Advisors and Committees for Doctoral Degrees

VI. Programs

            A. Certificate Programs

            B. Master's Degree Programs

                    1. Master of Arts

                    2. Master of Education

                    3. Master of Science in Physical Education

                    4. Interdisciplinary Master of Arts

            C. Educational Specialist Degree Programs

            D. Doctoral Degree Programs

VIII. Graduate Examinations

IX. Dissertation

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