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Awards, Scholarships, and Fellowships

2014-2015 Academic Year
DEADLINE: Extended to March 24, 2014

The USC College of Education offers a variety of awards, scholarships, and fellowships. On the basis of specific selection criteria, applications are evaluated by members of the College of Education Student Affairs Committee, by specific departments, and/or by divisions outside of the College of Education. Students must have a minimum overall 3.00 GPA unless otherwise stipulated in the description. All scholarship and fellowship applications will be evaluated in the Spring 2014 semester to be awarded in the Fall 2014/Spring 2015 semesters. Unless the recipient is a December graduate, the award will be split equally between the two semesters. Students are responsible for committing award monies through VIP and, unless otherwise stipulated, must be enrolled as a full-time student in the College of Education program as indicated on the student’s application at the time the award, fellowship, and/or scholarship monies are distributed towards tuition.

Criteria for the scholarships/fellowships are described at the links below.  Please apply only for those scholarships for which you meet the criteria.  For those students enrolled in initial certification programs, please be sure to check that link in addition to the link for your department and the college-wide link..

College-Wide Scholarships (Available to Multiple or all Majors)
Educational Leadership & Policies
Educational Studies

Initial Certification
Instruction & Teacher Education
Physical Education & Athletic Training


Application Requirements and Procedures

  1. Application: Items 2-5 below must be completed before proceeding to the online application. All attachments must be submitted in PDF or MS Word format.

  2. Letter of intent: Complete a letter of intent (250 word limit unless you are applying for the Duke Energy Foundation Scholarship which has a 500 word limit), stating your professional goals and interests
    then attach it to your application.

  3. Recommendations:Obtain two letters of recommendation (USC faculty preferred) who can address your qualifications academically and professionally. (High school Applicants may submit recommendations from teachers.) You may either attach these letters (except for those applying for the Duke Energy Foundation Scholarship) or have your references submitted directly to: College of Education, Office of Student Affairs, Wardlaw 113, Columbia, SC 29208 or via:

  4. Transcripts: Unofficial transcripts are acceptable. USC unofficial transcripts are available through Self
    Service Carolina. You may attach them to your application by copying and pasting the transcript from Self
    Service Carolinain to Microsoft Word and converting to a PDF file. High school Applicants are not required to provide transcripts but must have been admitted to the college by April 15, 2014.

  5. Resume: Although it is not required (except for those applying for the Duke Energy Foundation Scholarship),

  6. it is often helpful to provide a resume with your application.

  7. All materials must be submitted electronically before 5:00 p.m. March 17, 2014.
  8. When you have completed steps 1-5, you may then proceed to the online application. Once you enter the application site, you will be prompted to select the individual scholarship(s) that are available.



Students who have not been fully admitted to a degree program in the College of Education must explain in detail their current degree status in the appropriate space on the application. If awarded at least $250 per semester in scholarship or fellowship funding, students who pay non-resident tuition may be eligible for reduced tuition. A 3.00 GPA must be maintained.

College of Education awards, fellowships, and scholarships are not automatically renewable. Students must re-apply each academic year (except for the Duke Energy Foundation Scholarship).

For general information regarding scholarships and procedures, please contact the College of Education Office of Student Affairs, Wardlaw room: 113; Phone: 803-777-6732.

For questions related to difficulties with electronic submission, please contact Lynda Tilley, or 803-777-2822.

Students will be notified via USPS by May 25, 2014, whether they received a scholarship or not.


To proceed to the Application, you must check all three boxes below attesting to your completion of these items.

I have completed a letter of intent and will attach it to my application in pdf format.

I have two letters of recommendation in pdf format which I will attach to my application; or I have arranged
for recommenders to submit my letters of recommendation directly to the COE Office of Student Affairs.

I have my transcript(s) in pdf format and will attach to my application.

To avoid technical difficulties, we recommend using the lastest version of Google Chrome as your browser.

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